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About us

K.N Ashok Reddy began his career in Africa in 1993 as the Marketing Manager for a Water Pumps and Drilling equipment's manufacturer in Tanzania. In 1999, he opened a partnership company in Nairobi, Kenya, kick-starting his future in investments as the founder of Water Africa Group in 2001. He started Reddy Global Investments (Private) Ltd in 2019 in Zimbabwe with a vision of establishing investments in the Mining, Health, Water, Power and Agriculture sector. Reddy Global Investments (Private) Ltd  also has our own Gold mining division under Water Reddy Africa (Pvt) Ltd as well as Chrome, Platinum & Lithium mining under Reddy Minerals (Pvt) Ltd, with special grants from the Government of Zimbabwe. We have signed an MOU with the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe to rehabilitate and improve the country's health sector to meet WHO standards on a PPP investment scheme with an estimated investment of USD 15 billion. Currently we are in the process of anticipating minor protocols and Government formalities to begin the 1st phase of the mega health project. We invite you as investors to be part of the Reddy Global Investments (Private) Ltd  to explore minerals in Zimbabwe and increase your profits by investing in our mission.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide and invest in quality projects which gives benefit to current and future generations. Doing a professional job that meets our customers’  needs enriches our lives and the lives of those around us. To this end we will endeavor to continue....


Our Projects

To Establish and develop ourselves as world class investments on health care and infrastructure project & services provider aspiring to be positioned and recognized alongside best business leaders of the Africa and world.



We are well connected with world class investors in high profit projects and caring our valued investors and partners in our projects.



Reddy Global Group is an African company specialized in the execution of Hospital Projects worldwide. We develop Turnkey Projects, provide studies, consulting services and the complete range of medical equipment adapted to end users' needs, along with the various services related to these projects: installation, acceptance, commissioning and assistance to startup, training and maintenance.


The Reddy Global Group offers comprehensive solutions to its customers – governments, health authorities, healthcare centers – ranging from the development of a health policy and the definition of medical strategies, up to the implementation of healthcare networks, hospital construction, equipment supply, and operations management.


Reddy Global Group offers a GLOBAL SOLUTION to its Customers, from the medical strategy up to the hospital operations.


Our vision

  • We serve our Customers with efficient, quick, and knowledgeable answers. Together, we identify your needs, expectations and constraints.

  • We develop optimised Solutions clearly expressed and easily actionable.

  • We activate our wide network of specialists, and design the optimal solution to maximise the value of each investment.

  • We provide accurate and impartial Information to document our choices and to support the decision making.

  • We combine People and Technologies to enhance the patient-flow and to simplify the work-flow. The health of your patients, the quality of care, and the well-being of your staff will remain our first considerations.

  • We bring together a broad range of Products and Services, in the most convenient and ingenious way for our Customers.

  • We mitigate Risks and Constraints to wisely build a serene future on solid bases.



K.N Ashok Reddy is an investment career in Africa in 1993 as Marketing Manager for Water Pumps and Drilling equipment's manufacture in Tanzania. He left that company and moved to Nairobi, Kenya with a vision of starting his carrier as professional businessman. Started with partnership company in the year 1999 and started his career as founder of Reddy Group in 2001.


Our Principles built on proven Methods :

Guaranteed independence and complete impartiality during the entire consultancy process.

Absolute confidentiality with respect to all information, and strict compliance with the ethical code of the consulting industry.

Emphasis on well-defined recommendations and guidance throughout the entire implementation process


Medical consistency : we ensure the Equipment meets or exceeds the clinical requirements and the end users expectations.

Structural consistency : we ensure the Equipment fits within its immediate physical environment (construction, site, power and grounding, medical gases, national regulation, etc.).

Consistency of the system itself : we ensure compatibility, connectivity and interoperability of the equipment with each other.

Architecture and Construction

Our staff works closely with architects. When possible, we collaborate with our partners in hospital architecture but we may also collaborate with the customer's architect if any, provided he has experience in hospital projects

Our services

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  • Promoting Patient Safety Through Infection Control
  • Hospital architecture design features such as bacteria-resistant surfaces, antimicrobial fabrics, bacteria-killing lights, disinfectant stations, sink visibility, and careful engineering of the building’s ventilation system can work toward decreasing the spread and rate of infection in a hospital setting.
  • According to the World Health Organization, the leading contributors to improved patient health safety are educating healthcare workers on handwashing hygiene and displaying hand hygiene reminders in the workplace.

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